Reimbursement Tools and Resources

Acclarent has created various resources to provide general reimbursement information associated with sinus surgery and airway dilation procedures.

Balloon Sinuplasty Reimbursement Highlights

Balloon-only ESS payment rates are appropriate and adequate to support Balloon Sinuplasty In-Office.

In facility-based, “hybrid”, ESS procedures, balloon catheter instruments may continue to be used as adjuncts to traditional tools.

Additional Information

  • Balloon-only CPT® codes may be used in conjunction with traditional ESS CPT® codes for separate sinuses in a common procedure
  • Balloon-only CPT® codes may not be used in conjunction with traditional ESS CPT® codes in a single sinus
  • Per AAO-HNSF coding guidelines, the use of balloon catheter tools may be coded with traditional ESS CPT® codes when 1) balloon catheter instruments are used in conjunction with other tools and 2) tissue is removed as part of intervention on that sinus
Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation


Endoscopic Airway Surgery


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This information is provided for informational purposes only and represents no statement, promise, or guarantee by Acclarent concerning levels of reimbursement, payment, or charge. Similarly, all CPT® and HCPCS codes are supplied for information purposes only and represent no statement, promise, or guarantee by Acclarent that these codes will be appropriate or that reimbursement will be made. It is not intended to increase or maximize reimbursement by any payor. We strongly recommend that physicians consult with the payor organization with regard to its reimbursement policies.