Educational Grant Support

Acclarent believes education is one of the most important tools we can provide the healthcare community. This is why we are proud to support advancements in medical technology, as well as ongoing education for surgeons, nurses and other health care professionals through our educational grant program.

Every grant we award is based on 1) the merit of the educational program, as described in the submission, and 2) alignment with internal Acclarent policies. All grants are provided in rigorous compliance with the AdvaMed Code of Ethics for health care professionals and our internal policies.

No award is determined or influenced by the volume, or value of any business that could be potentially generated by the grant requester. The grant requester is not obligated to purchase, use, recommend or arrange for the use of any product or service of Acclarent, Inc. (“Acclarent”) or any Acclarent affiliate.

Organizations eligible to request educational grants

The following types of U.S.-based organizations are eligible to request support for educational grants from Acclarent:

  • Academic Medical Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Professional Medical Societies
  • Patient Advocacy Organizations
  • Accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) Providers

Note: Physicians, group practices and Medical Education Communication Companies (MECC) are not eligible to receive grant funding from Acclarent.

Educational grant guidelines

To receive consideration, requests should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the start of the program. Submission of a grant request guarantees neither approval nor support for the entire amount requested (or any portion thereof). For continuing education programs, payment will be made to the accredited body (CME provider) unless otherwise specified in writing.

Activities not supported through our educational grant process

The following types of activities are not eligible for educational grant support:

  • Programs not approved by Acclarent prior to the date of the event
  • Requests outside the areas of Acclarent's business, educational and/or research interests
  • Requests from individual health care professionals (HCP), group practices, commercial organizations or MECCs
  • Travel, expenses or fees for specific conference/society participants. As an exception, travel may be requested for HCPs in training, e.g. fellows, residents, medical students, if the request comes from the program sponsor or medical educational institution
How do I submit a funding request?

For submission of Educational Grant requests please, click here

Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) Support

We accept unsolicited requests from independent researchers for the following:

  • Technical input (statistical analysis, medical writing, etc.)
  • Funding and/or products to support independent research activities

Acclarent gives these types of proposals a scientific, strategic business and healthcare compliance review that often takes at least 90 days from the submission date of the completed application. The proposals are reviewed to ensure that 1) the subjects' well-being is of primary importance, 2) Johnson & Johnson’s Credo-based values are considered in the design and conduct of the study, 3) the principles of good clinical and/or laboratory practice are applied, 4) product information is relevant, accurate, fair and balanced, and 5) medical and ethical concerns are raised and vetted.

Requests for research grant support of any kind, including product or financial support, are covered under this review process. If an application is approved, execution of a milestone-based contract is required for disbursement of the grant, and the investigator must attempt to present the research at a recognized educational forum and attempt to publish the study results in a peer-reviewed journal. This application process is intended for clinicians and scientists who are published and experienced in research.

Proposals must describe unique research of scientific and business merit. Although the approval or denial of an individual request does not influence the review of subsequent proposals, reconciliation of any outstanding items from a previously approved grant to the same requestor or entity must be completed before another can be approved.

To submit an Investigator Initiated Study research proposal for future funding consideration, please visit: